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At one time or another I've been an accountant, a banker, a manager for touring musicians, and a small business CFO. I've consulted with small companies that couldn't keep up with their growth, and I've consulted with small businesses who had to reorganize to stay alive. I've done a lot of things. But I've done some miserable things, too. And thanks to convictions for stealing money from the very clients that liked and trusted me, today I'm a disgraced former accountant who's been to prison and back. Twice.

But I'm a disgraced former accountant with a story to tell. I know a lot about business ethics and professional responsibility. I know all about those gray areas and thin lines that present themselves every single day, and I know from experience what happens when we cross them. After years of dishonesty, I can be brutally honest now. And  because I've operated on both sides of the law, I've worked with accountants and auditors to help prevent crimes like the ones I committed. I care a lot more about preventing the theft than catching the thief later. Because money never stolen, never has to be recovered.



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Financial Crime


What twisted reasoning tells someone that it's okay to steal? What goes through the mind of the fraudster? What does a criminal look for in a target? What's it like when the FBI comes to your door? What's the first night in prison like? How can I protect my business?



What does the Bible teach us about ethics in business? What role can faith play in acceptance of responsibility and rehabilitation? Can a person of faith steal? Can we actually forgive ourselves? How do we treat ex-offenders in our lives, at work, in our church?

Professional Responsibility


Do ethical standards go beyond questions of honesty? What do professionals owe their clients? Can a professional's incompetence be as damaging as fraud? What responsibility does one professional have to report another's poor behavior?

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Tom Hughes

Milton, Vermont, United States

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